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Sunday, February 26

At 8 : 30 AM and 11 AM


Matthew 17 : 1 - 9


They took the stage, and, in no time, we were awash in sound, amazing sound. James Carter made his saxophone talk, and it was talking to me! Leonard King kept a conversation with Carter going on his drum kit, every hit, every beat personal, alive. I was in heaven, however, because of what Gerard Gibbs was doing. He was playing the ultimate rock, soul, and jazz organ: the Hammond B-3. Gibbs made it chirp and wheeze and shout and sing! He'd play the pedals, and lift his hands from the keyboards, smiling all the way.


I didn't want to go home, go to the church the next morning, and play anything. Gibbs saw the light, had the light, and all I had was a memory, and a pale shadow of his gift.


Too many of us have been enlightened for a moment of time, and then either try to get back to the light, or give up trying, and give up on living. Jesus shed his human form for God's intense glory for a moment on a mountain, then went back to being human, and prepared himself for his execution. The light shines for just a moment.


When the light fades, and reality becomes the norm of your life, will anything have changed? Will you be transfigured, changed so by God's light, that you can bring the light into the shadows? Jesus still does – and his light shines for you this Sunday!






Wednesday, March 1


7:00 PM




Come join the Christian pilgrims who begin their Lenten journey at the waystation of Ash Wednesday. Start the journey with an unloading of your sins... by taking on the ashes from last year's palms from Palm Sunday... by consuming the body and blood of Jesus. Resolve that we will take this journey together to the cross, to the tomb, to Easter and Jesus' resurrection!



















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