Sunday, May 14
At 8 : 30 AM and 11 AM
"Going Home"
John 14 : 1 - 14
It's Mothers' Day!  
If you are a mother, expect us to honor you, bless you, pray for you.  At some point, you made certain that a child made it into the world, either through birth or adoption, or in the way you informally made a difference in some child's life.  
So why is home so difficult for so many mothers and children?  Some mothers endured difficult, dangerous pregnancies.  Some wrestled with deep depression post-birth.  Others never could find a loving connection to a child.  And some mothers neglect or harm children.  Further away from us, mothers on this planet have to deal with unclean water, lack of food, high rates of infant mortality, the devastation of genocide, village by village, house by house.
Women who enter the world of mothering face enormous risks and challenges.  And some of them will be gathered in our sanctuary this Sunday, hoping that our time together will be something better, maybe even home.  They hope so, as do the rest of us, because Jesus brings home to us, promising the ultimate home in God's dwelling place.  So come spend Mothers' Day with us and with Jesus!  It's time to go home!


















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