Sunday, January 22

at 8:30 AM and 11 AM


Matthew 4 : 12 - 23

Here's a secret from behind the walls of the pastor's office:

When I'm working with a candidate for pastoral ministry, I have a question waiting for him or her, when the time is right. "Why did God call you to do this? Why you, instead of the other 7 billion people on the planet? Why you?" It's amazing to watch that question start to work its power. At first, I will hear general answers: "I can teach and I love caring for people." Again, I ask, "But why you?" And I won't let such a person go until she's examined her gifts, her graces, her sin, her brokenness, her surrender, her vision, her dream. If she doesn't understand her calling, she'll be dangerous to unleash on God's people.

Make no mistake, however. You were called by God, if you walked through baptismal waters. It's too late to get out of it. Oh, you can walk away and never respond to the call to love God and neighbor. You can't escape Jesus' call, however. Jesus called you, looked you in the eye, spoke your name, needed your gifts, your graces, your surrender, your vision, your dream. If you don't follow, you will be empty, miserable, unfulfilled. You won't give much life or make a powerful difference.

So he calls you. Are you coming? Hear him again in the music, the prayers, the scripture, the sermon. Find your direction! Find your life again, or for the first time!


















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