Sunday, March 19

At 8 : 30 AM and 11 AM

"Life Thirst"

John 4 : 5 - 42
Here are some things I've never experienced:
Living in Flint, Michigan, drinking water laced with toxic levels of lead.
Struggling against a never-ending cycle of poverty, as every effort to pay bills only brings more creditors to my door.
Being told that I am worthless because I am not a man.
Those experiences do not belong to me.  They do belong to far too many people I've met or I know.  They belong to far too many people who reside on planet Earth.  Too many people are thirsty... thirsty for water, for acceptance, for dignity, for love.
As we move ever closer to Holy Week, to Jesus' cross, He leads us to encounter people who are thirsty.  This Sunday, you and I travel to a well.  the woman who's lowering her jar into the well has plenty of water.  And yet, she's thirsty, rejected, shamed.  She's a woman living in a shame-based culture.  What will Jesus do for her thirst?  The same thing he'll do for our thirst!  Come and see a man who knows everything about you, yet meets you, and quenches your life thirst!





















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