Sunday, October 2

at 8:30 AM and 11 AM

"Disciple Discipline"

Luke 17 : 5 - 10


Vietnam War veterans still feel the pain.


Vietnam was unlike any other conflict in American history. An undeclared war which never seemed to end, Vietnam pulled countless eighteen-year-old men into the draft. Mere months later, they found themselves half a world away, dealing with a mostly unseen enemy.

The unending war slowly wore down American resolve, and public support for the war shrunk. Peaceful and violent protests were designed to force politicians to end the war. And, at the end of a tour of duty, some Americans would curse or spit upon returning troops. Did anyone show gratitude to our soldiers? Did any Vietnam veterans ever hear someone say, “Thank you for your service”?


Jesus is straight with his followers: no one is handing out thanks to any of his children! If you serve in church, or among those who are hungry, homeless, or poor, or by teaching or listening, who's going to give you any reward? “Do you thank the slave for doing what was commanded?” Jesus asks. And John Wesley agreed. His Covenant for the Methodist Societies gives us no out: “Put me to doing. Put me to suffering. Let me be employed for you, or laid aside for you. Let me have all things. Let me have nothing.”


Can there be any grace, any joy in declaring, “We are worthless slaves”? Can there be freedom when we set aside our agendas and expectations for Jesus' expectations? It's not popular, but, I promise, it's the best move you'll ever make!


















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